The importance of having home insurance!

23 Feb 23

COVID made us stay at home much longer, and this led us to realize the fundamental needs of a house and making sure it is a comfortable and safe place for everybody in it. For this reason, many citizens have decided to calculate their home insurance and have this protection cover, increasing the purchase of insurance policies considerably in recent years.

Home insurance gives us the peace of mind we need. It protects us from different problems or accidents that can occur from the use of the home or events that can happen while we are away. The cover of home insurance avoids us worrying about our laptop being accidentally damaged or having a water leak among other things. Working at home which is more common nowadays requires extreme safety with certain things such as having more appliances plugged in than normal which can lead to electrical problems or devices overheating.

In addition, we not only need to feel protected by working or spending time at home but also when we leave the house. Home insurance allows us to have the peace of mind we seek when something breaks at home or we have home-related accidents or we suffer a break-in.

«A good insurance not only covers the needs required by your home, but also offers many other services.»

Our house is one of the most important assets, not only because of the house itself but also because of the amount of valuables that we have inside it. A home is a large investment for most people which is why in Spain 75% of homeowners have home insurance, despite this not being mandatory. Although, in the case of taking out a mortgage the bank may make this insurance mandatory in exchange for better interest rates but this is not a legal requirement so can be negotiated.

A good insurance not only covers the needs required by your home, but also offers many other services. As not all houses are the same and each one needs different cover it is important to calculate home insurance and know what type of policy we need for our house.

We are specialists in expat insurance in Spain and our qualified advisers will support and guide you through the whole process of taking out cover for your home.

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