13 Feb 23

As things can go wrong and the unexpected can happen, people do not think twice about insuring their car or home or even their expensive mobile phones. The same should be considered when thinking about life insurance because your loved ones are worth more than any material asset you may own.

Life insurance does not make one rich but makes sure that your loved ones can mitigate any financial obligations they may face when you are not around. The most common reasons to take out life insurance are as follows:

Protect Your Family

Starting a family is a life-changing experience and a huge responsibility so it is very important to consider how they would financially cope if you were no longer around. It may be an uncomfortable thought but life insurance is a way of providing further care in your absence.

Helping With The Mortgage

Another reason for life insurance is to help cover mortgage repayments (decreasing term) to ensure that your loved ones can remain in the family home. The sum assured decreases over the years as the mortgage is paid off but will cover the remaining amount owed if the unexpected happens.

Funeral Costs

Life insurance can be set up as well to cover the funeral expenses which according to one survey the average cost was just over €5,000. For a small monthly sum, this event can be covered thus avoiding financial hardship for those who remain behind.

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