The importance of Health Insurance

Do you have health insurance?

Have you thought of arranging one for yourself or your family?

We are all very busy with our day-to-day life we don´t stop to think about health insurance or give time to consider how important these are to provide safety and support for ourselves and our families.

When it comes to Health Insurance, at Efpg we recommend that you take out private health insurance as soon as possible, and not wait until you are older, or until your health is a concern. Unfortunately, our experience shows us at by this point, for many, it is often too late or too expensive.

Taking out the policy while you’re in your 20s or 30s in perfect health, the premium is reasonable and you get the peace of mind that whatever happens you are covered.

On the other hand, If you do not have Private Health Insurance, and you are diagnosed with an illness, It will be a lot more difficult for you to find an insurance company that will cover you.

A clear example is of a client of ours, who will remain anonymous, she took out her health insurance not long after she began to work and earn an income, and a year later she was diagnosed with a chronic illness that required surgery, hospitalization, and specialist consults, all which have been covered under the insurance. If she had been diagnosed and then looked for health insurance, she would have had difficulties in finding an insurance company that would cover her or this illness would have been excluded.

Here at efpg we would like to help you find the right health insurance for you. Contact us now for your free quote.

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