Summer is well and truly upon us

20 July 23

Summer is well and truly upon us, with scorching temperatures, lazy days and late nights filled with festivities and of course Feria!

"Feria" in Spain refers to a traditional festival or fair that is celebrated in many towns and cities across the country. "Ferias" are usually held on specific dates during the summer, which can vary depending on the location. Some towns and cities have fixed dates for their annual "feria," while others might change the dates each year.

These fairs are often deeply rooted in Spanish culture and history and are typically held to honor a patron saint or commemorate significant events. The specific customs and traditions of each "feria" can vary from one region to another, but some elements are commonly found in many of them:

Celebrations: During the "feria," you can expect a lively atmosphere with various festivities, including parades, processions, concerts, and performances. The streets are often decorated, and people wear traditional costumes, adding to the festive ambience.

Fairground attractions: Like many fairs around the world, the "feria" in Spain often includes a wide variety of amusement rides, games, and raffles where you can try your luck to win a prize and perhaps even come home with a fish or two.

Food: There are makeshift restaurants and stalls offering baked potatoes, grilled meats, fast food or traditional delicacies, such as churros, often eaten with hot chocolate at the end or beginning of the night.

Dancing and Music: Flamenco and Sevillanas are often danced during the "feria," and music is an essential component of the festivities. At the summer ferias, there are often pop-up entertainment tents called "Casetas", with music and ambience to cater for all age groups, so you can either sit and chat, taking in the culture or dance the night away with a jug of rebujito or two.

Feria is one of the highlights of the Spanish Summer and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.