23 June 23

Every year, on the night of the 23rd of June the Spanish celebrate San Juan. It is a traditional Spanish festival celebrated on the beaches all over Spain that welcomes the summer ahead. For many Spanish, San Juan night marks the true beginning of the Summer. It is very much a fire-focused celebration and the bonfires of San Juan that burn on the country’s beaches are legendary. The bonfires will be set a light at 12.00 midnight and this is when people will bathe in the Sea and make their summer wishes. It is a very lively celebration where bars and restaurants will be serving food and drinks well into the night.

This is the Bonfire of 2023 for San Luis de Sabinillas, Málaga.​

There are many superstitions that surround San Juan night. If you are enjoying the San Juan Festival during a long weekend in Malaga, you will see some people make wishes at midnight. They write down their wishes for the months ahead and the things that they want to say goodbye to on the night of San Juan on pieces of paper. Also, fill a bottle of water with Sea water to splash in the corners of your house to purify your house and ward off evil spirits.

Wherever you go this year to celebrate San Juan you are guaranteed a great atmosphere, so enjoy and welcome the summer with a party.

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