Part 1. Obligatory insurance for your dog.

11 Apr 23

The new animal welfare Law was approved in Spain, on the 28 th of March 2023, that installs an obligatory public liability Insurance for dogs in Spain.

According to the new law, dog owners must take out a public liability insurance for their pet, regardless of breed, size, or age and maintain this insurance throughout the life of the animal.

This insurance must cover any personal or material damages caused to third parties and any possible expenses derived from the above.

Here at efpg, we have been preparing for this law to come into force and we are ready to help you find the right insurance for you and your furry friend. Please contact us now for a free quote.

We can offer you a wide range of options, from a home insurance that can includes the pet insurance or a separate pet insurance that only covers the obligatory public liability to comply with the new regulations or the full pet insurance covering vet costs and public liability insurance.

If you are looking for the obligatory Public liability insurance for your dog, this will cost from as little as 55.33 euros a year.

Contact us now for yours!

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