Keeping warm this winter

02 Feb 23

With this Autumn weather being one of the hottest Octobers on record in Andalucia, and with the price of electricity and gas rising, we can take advantage and prepare our homes for the colder months to come. Here are some simple ways to reduce heat loss in the home during the winter months and save us all money.

1. Insulation Insulating your home is one of the best ways to reduce your energy bills and make your house warmer and more comfortable. Warm air can escape from your home in all directions – including the roof, walls, floor, windows, and doors – meaning lots of the energy you pay for can go to waste.

2. Thermal curtains. These are special thermal curtains that have several layers of material that prevent the cold from entering the house through the windows as well as avoiding the heat from being lost through them. They can also be used in summer to stop the heat from the sun.

3. Windows Draught-proofing strips work well around windows. Draughts can also emerge from cracks between the window frames and the surrounding walls. If this is the case, try using either sealant or putty to close up the gaps.

4. Doors Don’t forget about the doors! Draught-proofing strips are also useful between doors and their frames, both internally as well as externally. For gaps between the bottom of the door and the floor, you can buy a special 'brush' or hinged flap draught excluder.

5. Carpets and rugs They are not as common in Spain as they are in the UK, but this is a good trick in the winter months to prevent the cold from seeping through the floors.

6. Chimneys Unused chimneys are another common way for heat to escape. If you still use your chimney, then a removable chimney balloon can be used to prevent excess heat from being lost at times you don't have the fire on. If you don't use your chimney at all, consider having it capped by a professional.

Keep happy, cosy, and warm this winter with these small simple tricks. Protect your buildings, contents, and valuable possessions in your home in Spain. Call us today for a fast and secure quote.

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