19 September 23

If you own a dog this article is for you!

We have all heard of the NEW Animal Welfare Law that was approved in Spain in March 2023 and comes into effect on the 29th of September, this is 6 months after the approval. This law obliges all dog owners regardless of the breed and size to have public liability insurance to cover you against the damages caused by your dog to third-party property or persons.

This Law should come into force on the 29th of September. However, there are sections of the law that require regulatory development. To date, this regulatory development has not happened yet. To make matters worse, this development can´t happen until Spain has a government. The regulation that sets the limits required for such law can´t be approved with the current political status Spain is in, with an “intern government”.

It is recommended to have your Public liability insurance as you never know what can happen. By all means, set up your pet insurance now but be aware the limits and requirements are not yet established.

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