DÍA DE ANDALUCÍA 28th of February and Perfect Andalusian Breakfast.

28 Feb 23

The Day of Andalusia is celebrated on the 28th of February and commemorates the day of the referendum when Andalusia became recognised as an independent region in 1980 that gave full autonomy to the Andalusian community.

This is a public holiday throughout Andalusia. The balconies are decorated with the Andalusian flag, and Andalusian patio contests are held. It usually coincides with the delivery of Andalusian Medals by the regional government and favourite sons of Andalusia are named. There is also a flag raising outside the Parliament of Andalusia.

On the days running up to the 28th at school, Children will celebrate this day, starting with a typical Andalusian breakfast consisting of a “mollete antequerano” toast with olive oil and salt or sugar depending on the region, and sometimes garlic and tomato accompanied with orange juice, and will sing the Andalusia hymn.

The recipe for a proper Andalusian breakfast is usually served in a very simple way:

You will need:

  2. Good quality Olive oil.
  3. Salt.
  4. Garlic, to taste.


Lightly toast the bread until it is crunchy and somewhat rough on its surface.

Break the toast a little with a spoon or knife so that the oil can penetrate better.

Depending on taste, before pouring in the olive oil, some people rub a clove of garlic into it (sometimes cruets with garlic in the oil itself are available) and add a little salt.

Finish with a drizzle of Olive Oil and enjoy!

Happy Andalucía Day!

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